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NEW 2014! Average to Amazing! Practical Skills for the Group Exercise Instructor
This workshop will provide practical hands-on experience to launch your instructor talents from average to amazing! Whether you are a new instructor or looking to enhance your skills, this is your opportunity to improve your confidence and to be a better group leader within a fitness class setting. Topics covered will include music selection, cueing technique, choreography composition and the building blocks of class construction. Get ready to transform your skills!
Credits: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

NEW 2014! Barre Blend
Barre Blend brings exercises from group fitness into the mind/body experience by fusing exercises from ballet, cardio training, Pilates, and yoga into one class to challenge and tone the entire body. This blended genre combines the methodology of strength and control to create a class that improves body awareness, flexibility and stabilization. This fundamental workshop is ideal for group exercise instructors wishing to add ballet-inspired movements into their classes.
Credits: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

NEW 2014! Body Weight Training
Body weight training is a great option to elevate your level of fitness with little to no equipment. Although you may try to lose some of it, your body weight is the one piece of equipment you can take with you anywhere! Learn how to use your body to boost both cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Join us to find new ways to incorporate body weight exercises into your current group fitness and personal training sessions to provide both results and variety to any workout.  
Credits: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

Core Bootcamp
Get to the CORE of Boot Camp! Transform the body by learning how to combine cardiovascular intervals and core strengthening that will lead to optimal gains in fitness and function. This workshop will cover the muscles of the core and their functions, as well as cover common errors that occur when designing boot camp classes. Core Boot Camp will help maximize strength, endurance, and stability of the core while burning calories and challenging your participants. Take your core to a new level!
Credits: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

The Cycle Coach
A great cycling instructor goes beyond the workout and inspires people by being a true coach.  Cycle Coach will expand on your training to explore different types of motivation, creating "killer cues" and the power of language to create an unforgettable and inspirational riding experience - an experience that keeps participants coming back for more! Note: this workshop is designed to build off previous training; taking the other NETA cycle workshops first is highly recommended.
Credits:  5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

Group Strength Training II
New Choreography! Get strength in numbers as you “master the art of timing” in this pre-choreographed group strength class. This workshop will focus on exercise technique and form for all the major muscle groups. You will learn to get fast results for your students as they condition and tone their bodies utilizing barbells and/or hand held weights. New innovative moves and music will be provided giving you all the tools you will need to effectively teach this high level 60 minute group strength class!
Credits: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

HIIT, Tabata and Rest-Based Training
Looking to boost exercise capacity and fat-burning potential? Recent research has demonstrated the many benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Tabata and Rest-Based training are among the HIIT protocols that have gained recent popularity. Discover the truth about HIIT and learn how to develop interval workouts to accommodate participants with a variety of goals. This workshop will help you to bridge the gap between exercise science and interval programming. Be prepared to test your limits!
Credits: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

HIIT the Road
Take your indoor cycling classes to the next level as you get out of the cycle rut to design effective, goal-oriented rides, theme rides, and special event rides; maximize power by perfecting your pedal stroke and doing group heart rate assessments; and adapt High-intensity interval training (HIIT) for the bike. You will walk away with several sample rides and TONS of new ideas. Completion of the Indoor Cycling Certificate is a prerequisite and heart rate monitors are strongly encouraged.
Credits: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

Kettlebell II
Proficiency and progressions. That's what this workshop is all about. Review the basics of this popular workout including important safety techniques, body positioning, alignment and appropriate starting weight. By understanding the unique physics of the Kettlebell, you will increase your proficiency and learn how to progress the exercises to the next level. Kettlebell experience is necessary. 5 hour Kettlebell II not available until September12.
Credits: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

Re-Boot Camp
Come experience this exciting revamped Boot Camp workshop that combines power, function, agility, speed, cardio and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Indoor or outdoor, equipment or no equipment, this class covers it all including a variety of ways to structure your workouts to keep them fresh and to keep your clients guessing. From the new recruit to the 20-year veteran, Re-Boot has something for you! This workshop will provide you with education and knowledge to create an exceptional Boot-Camp style workout that is off the charts!
Credits:5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

Yoga Inc.
Are you ready to incorporate yoga into your classes or with your clients? This basic yoga course will give you an overview of common poses that will give you the knowledge and confidence to teach yoga safely and with expertise. Learn the poses that are most beneficial for your participants and clients, as well as review common yoga mistakes and injuries that often occur in the fitness industry.
Credits: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

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