These are recent comments made from participants who attended NETA training:

“I enjoyed Abbey Fleetwood she’s very good at teaching and giving cues for teaching.”
— Heidi Arboneaux, Franklin, LA

“I loved that AmberLynn was knowledgeable and personable.”
— Jessica Taylor, Suffolk, VA

“Angie, always energetic and awesome.”
— Kerry Bollech, Rochester, NY

“Brittany was excellent at explaining and demonstrating in class.”
— Vicki Lettow, Batavia, IL

“Carolyn explained the subject matter in a way that was easy to understand”
— Kari Wedge, Midland, MI

“Very thorough, very informative, very enthusiastic and very energetic”
— Savannah Pollock, Cloquet, MN

“Provides very high quality information”
— Dylan Lafreatz, Jamestown, ND

“Knowledgeable with personal applications, she has a great attitude”
— Tonya Colvin, Dayton, OH

“Deanna was very knowledgeable. She’s a good presenter, informative and good with the course.”
— Kathleen Schultz, Chaska, MN

“The energy, Holly knew how to relate to people and was knowledgeable about the subject matter.”
— Anonymous, Chesterton, IN

“Jan was easy to understand, she’s knowledgeable, likable, easy to relate to and made good use of our time”
— Catherine Schumtsch, Merrill, WI

“The most enjoyable part of the class was Janel”
— Nathaniel White, Hillsborough, NJ

“Jimmie is a very good instructor who is well organized and very informative”
— Daniel Howell, Lowell, MA

“Jodee was helpful and positive in all aspects. Always smiling and friendly.”
— Judy Time, New Castle, PA

“Jon was passionate about the topic which made it contagious.”
— Anonymous, Chattanooga, TN

“Kelly made the class fun, she knew her stuff and she made it a productive learning environment”
— Megan Vanderkolk, Waterloo, IA

“The class was very well thought out and organized. Kristie was very knowledgeable and made the class fun and interesting. ”
— Ginna Marchesi, Hamilton, NJ

“Lauri was very fun, she created a friendly, encouraging and great atmosphere”
— Anonymous, Bemidji, MN

“The class was good because of Libby’s attitude and professionalism ”
— Nikki Marrion, Prior Lake, MN

“Lyssa provided a lot of variety, she was amazing”
— Renee Porter, Greenfield, WI

“Mary was wonderful. Very friendly, knowledgable, fun, and accessible. I wouldn’t change anything.”
— Michele Leffelman, Minnetonka, MN

“Marzell had a great ability to break down information and present it so everyone could understand.”
— Kyle Crable, Blaine, MN

“Matt took his time to go over the materials so we can understand.”
— Aaron Harrison, Topeka Kansas

“Matt’s high level energy kept the day moving along”
— Kimberly Clarke, Richmond, OH

“Mike was a very professional speaker that put information in terms for me to understand. Because of that, I was able to learn more.”
— Laurie Budduck, Weston, WI

“Michael was interesting and the way he taught reminded me of the little things I often overlook that is necessary when training an inexperience individual”
— Anonymous, Morgantown, WV

“A great trainer that was interactive and involved in the training”
— Shannon Bachmre, Williston, ND

“Rebecca was nice, outgoing and explained everything very well.”
— Anonymous

“I loved her ideas, the practical application of information and the level of her knowledge”
— Laura Schwab, Prior Lake, MN

“Sara was very knowledgeable about what she was teaching. She did a very good job at explaining everything”
— Karrine Watts, Pembroke, MA

“Shannon was passionate about NETA and the topic she taught. This made the review of the information interesting. ”
— Carol Bjerike, Fargo, ND

“Sheila was very effective in making sure we understand the matrials and prepared us not only to be able to do everything but how to properly teach it.”
— Brigitte O’Brien, New Paltz, NY

“Stephanie made my time and money feel like it was well spent, thank you for presenting.”
— Anonymous, Omaha, NE

“Susie really explained the dynamics of HIIT training very well, great stuff to bring to any class.”
— Willman, MN

“I always love these workshops, Suzanne helped us perfect our yoga poses. I always learn something from Suzanne.”
— Karen Wern, St. Cloud, MN

“Terry gave us very useful information and kept us focused. He was enjoyable and made the workshop fun.”
— Anonymous, Wausau, WI

“Tiffany is an amazing instructor, easy to be with in the class setting. She is also very informative and overall good.”
— Tina Provw, Cle Elum, WA

“Tina was very interesting and provided us with even more suggestions and information than was on the outline”
— Anonymous, Beaumont, TX