Group Fitness and Personal Training Certification Renewal

NETA’s Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer certifications are valid for two years from the date of issue. To renew your certification(s), you must complete twenty** (20) continuing education credits (CECs) between the date your certification was issued and the designated expiration. Six of the 20 CECs must be obtained from NETA workshops or NETA home study courses. Certificants are provided with a 180-day reinstatement grace period if the certification is allowed to lapse past the designated expiration date; however, a late renewal fee applies (see below). Please note, the official status of your certification is “expired” during this grace period. If your certification is not renewed by the end of the 180-day grace period, then you must retake and pass the certification exam to reinstate your credential.

NETA automatically accepts CECs that are NETA, ACE, NASM, or AFAA approved. ACE CECs and NASM CEUs are preceded by a decimal point such that 0.1 ACE CEC or 0.1 NASM CEU is equivalent to 1.0 NETA CEC. 1.0 AFAA CEC is equivalent to 1.0 NETA CEC. Health- or fitness-related college/university courses for which a grade of “C” or higher was earned and completed within your recertification period will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for CEC approval by submitting a completed Petition Application, required documentation (e.g., course syllabus college/university transcript), and a $15.00 petition fee for each course. All NETA courses provide CECs. If you accumulate more than the required twenty (20) CECs, extra credits are not applicable towards a future recertification period.

To ensure you maintain your certification in good standing, please mail your completed Renewal Application, documentation of CECs earned, and renewal fee two months prior to your expiration date. Send all of the renewal information in one packet. Never send forms singularly. If your mailing address has changed, or if you receive duplicate brochures at the same address, please call NETA at 1 (800) 237-6242 to update your customer record.

Certification Renewal Procedure:

1. Complete the Renewal Application

Download PDF

Your NETA customer ID number is listed on the certificate wallet card and NETA brochures that are mailed directly to you.

2. Submit photocopies of Certificate of Completion for all CECs earned

Totaling no less than twenty (20) CECs from accepted providers (NETA, ACE, NASM, AFAA, or petition-approved courses). Six (6) of the 20 CECs must be earned from NETA workshops or home study courses. (Please do NOT send originals).

3. Submit a photocopy of your Adult CPR/AED certification card (front and back) or certificate earned from a recognized provider (e.g., AHA, ARC, ASHI, NSC)

NETA will only accept CPR/AED certifications that include a live hands–on practical skills assessment.

For more information about acceptable CPR/AED certifications, please see NETA’s CPR/AED Certification Provider Reference Guide.

4. The renewal fee must accompany the application

NETA accepts checks, money orders, and Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover.

Renewal fees
  • Postmarked prior to expiration date: $55.00
  • Postmarked 1–90 days past expiration: $70.00
  • Postmarked 91–180 days past expiration: $85.00

If the 180-day reinstatement grace period lapses, then you must retake and pass the certification exam to once again earn the certification.

Mail applications to:

12800 Industrial Park Blvd Ste 220
Minneapolis, MN 55441

Fax applications to: 1(763)545-2524 (for credit card payments only)

Incomplete applications will be returned to sender. Please allow 30 days to receive your new certificate.