Do Workout Incentives Work?

Do Incentive-Based Fitness Programs Increase Attendance?

Do incentive-based fitness programs really help us meet our health and fitness goals? It’s psych 101: when we reward ourselves for good behavior, we are more likely to continue the good behavior. When it comes to health habits, this principle has been practiced many ways over the years. When it comes to incentive-based fitness programs, […]

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Top 4 Reasons Why You NEED To Be at NETA Fit Fest in 2018

NETA Fit Fest 2018

Happy 2018! As long as we’re making resolutions, here’s one for you: Get yourself to a NETA Fit Fest ™ in 2018! This is an industry event like none you’ve attended before. As we continue to grow, we’re developing innovative programs that keep you on the cutting edge of the fitness industry. And Fit Fest […]

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Yoga Postures and Power Poses

A New Study Shows Certain Yoga Postures Can Increase Energy and Self Esteem Yoga has become such a popular fitness activity in the United States that it’s hard to believe it was ever considered a fringe activity — relegated to the world of hippies and bohemians. In the 50-ish years since yoga first entered the […]

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Traveling is one of the biggest obstacles to a regular exercise commitment. Not only does it upset the regular routines we’ve established, but it also means we often find ourselves without gym access and without the time to squeeze in a workout. When it comes to holiday travel, as many of us know, the added […]

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Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holiday Season

We don’t know about you, but kale salad isn’t usually on the menu at our holiday celebrations. From the sugary holiday desserts to the butter-filled family favorites, there’s rarely any healthy food in sight. The holidays are, after all, a time to celebrate and enjoy time with our loved ones—and even indulge a bit. But […]

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