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Fees — $119.00 ($129.00 On-site)

Times — Check-in: 7:45 am | Workshop: 8:00 am–1:00 pm

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NEW 2017 – Restore, Roll, and Recharge Cycle (RRR Cycle)
Wondering how you can improve your students’ rides and recovery time? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to restore the body with a yoga-inspired warm-up, use myofascial release techniques in your cool-down, and ultimately RECHAEGE your students’ cycling performance and recovery time. Walk away with an easy to use RRR cycling format that will keep your students’ coming back to class!Credits: NETA 5, NASM 0.5, AFAA 5, .5 ACE

NEW 2017- 101 Ways to Bootcamp
Bootcamp classes are challenging, fun, and a fantastic workout! If you’re looking for new ideas then this workshop is for you! Refresh your classes with intense, explosive routines designed to melt fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency and increase strength. The ideas generated in this nonstop, action packed, high energy workshop will push participants to new levels and leave you with new formats, techniques, and ideas to include in your bootcamp classes all year long.Credits: NETA 5, NASM 0.5, AFAA 5, .5 ACE

NEW 2017 – Rope Burn: The Ultimate Circuit Training Workout

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to strategically combine the cardio benefits of jumping rope, the muscular benefits of strength training, and the functional benefits of core training to create a total body circuit. Learn new movements and sequences that will keep your circuit workouts fresh, exciting and challenging! GET READY TO JUMP!

Credits: NETA 5, NASM 0.5, AFAA 5, .5 ACE

NEW 2017 Senior POWER
Should and can older adults perform power training? YES! Power training is essential for maintaining activities of daily living and enhance functional capacity in older adults. In this workshop, you’ll learn all the critical aspects of a safe and effective functional power program for older adults, including equipment, technique, moves, and contraindications. POWER up your seniors!Credits: NETA 5, NASM 0.5, AFAA 5, .5 ACE

New: Fun Group Training: Tread & Shred
This FUN small group training course is designed to increase cardiovascular fitness through treadmill interval training and improve strength with super circuits. In this course, you’ll learn the benefits of small group training, the types of formats that can be used with a treadmill, and how to design a ‘Tread & Shred’ class! This FUN format will eliminate boredom, improve performance, and challenge your class participants and/or clients.Credits: 5 NETA, 0.5 ACE, 5 AFAA, 0.5 NASM

New: Medicine Ball Power
Power is needed in various sports and activities, and the medicine ball is the perfect power training tool! In this workshop, you’ll learn a wide variety of medicine ball exercises and strategies to incorporate medicine balls into any group exercise class, small group training session, or one-on-one with clients. Participants will learn to easily develop workouts that balances strength, and power!Credits: 5 NETA, 0.5 ACE, 5 AFAA, 0.5 NASM

New: HIIT it with Yoga
There is no denying that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is fun, effective, and challenging for all. Don’t miss this ground-breaking course that will teach you the benefits of HIIT and Yoga, and how to fuse these two seemingly different formats together to create a challenging, yet centering class to develop maximum performance levels!Credits: 5 NETA, 0.5 ACE, 5 AFAA, 0.5 NASM

Create an Experience

Keys for Group Exercise Success
You strive to help your students become better – now this is your chance to create a better version of you! Our unique 13-step approach to designing group exercise programs helps you deliver efficient, effective, creative classes. Discover the secrets to developing a wide variety of group exercise classes, selecting the perfect music, coaching for success and taking your leadership skills to new heights.

CECs: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 4.75 AFAA, .5 NASM

Body Weight Training
Never underestimate the value of your own body in developing great total body strength!!! Your body is a piece of equipment you can never lose or forget at home. It can be used when space is limited, if you are outdoors, or as a great tool when you have no other equipment. In this course you will discover fun ways to create total body workouts that focus on the 8 primal movement patterns. Develop workouts that improve cardiovascular fitness, total body strength, and core stability simply using your own body weight. Come unleash the power of your own body!CECs: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 4 AFAA, .5 NASM

Partner Up

Turn your group exercise classes into fitness-centric mini-communities through partner activities, team building games – and social networking. Helping your participants build healthy relationships also helps develop the kind of adherence and motivation that drive success. This progressive program shows you how to leverage today’s technology to expand the impact of your classes beyond their weekly scheduled time spot.

CECs: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 4.75 AFAA, .5 NASM

Tires and Ropes and Squats, Oh My!

Looking for a hardcore workout? Look no further! This challenging, entertaining class teaches you how to train your participants like pro athlete by incorporating truck tires, battle ropes, body weight and “primal moves” that develop core stabilization, strength and metabolic endurance. You’ll learn how to build dynamic warm-ups, create workouts leveraging the eight basic human movements, and how to use these in both group fitness and small group training programs.

CECs: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 4.75 AFAA, .5 NASM

Boxing Fusion
Interested in teaching boxing or incorporating boxing movements into your group exercise class? In this course you’ll learn basic boxing techniques. Plus, learn how to fuse elements of plyometrics & strength to make a quick 30–minute high intensity circuit, guaranteed to get your participants the toned and powerful body of a boxer. Learn how to design classes using a simple 30–minute format that will make class easy to follow, but tough to do! Note: this course will review the basic boxing fundamentals and is a non–contact format.CECs: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 4.75 AFAA, .5 NASM

HIIT, Tabata & Rest-Based Training

Trying to boost exercise capacity and fat-burning potential? Eager to test your limits? Recent research demonstrates the many benefits of high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) and recent trends indicate growing popularity of Tabata, Rest-Based Training and other H.I.I.T. protocols. This unique workshop bridges the gap between exercise science and interval programming by presenting the truth about H.I.I.T. and showing you how to develop interval workouts to accommodate participants with a variety of goals.

CECs: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 5 AFAA, .5 NASM

Cycle 360: Cycle, Strength, & Core
This comprehensive course adds variety to your everyday indoor cycling class by combining the best of indoor cycling, off-the-bike strength training and core training. The result is a total-body circuit training program that allows participants to experience an amazing aerobic workout while strengthening their upper body and core. Riders too often forfeit strength and core training for more time on the bike. But the core is the foundation of all movement, so developing a strong core naturally improves cycling performance. Our Cycle 360 format combines all of the best formats into one cycling class to balance muscle work and avoid burn out. Completion of the Indoor Cycling Certificate is a prerequisite and heart rate monitors are strongly encouraged.CECs: 5 NETA, .5 ACE, 4.75 AFAA, .5 NASM

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