Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Wellness Coach Certifications

Registering through NETA to take your certification exam at any of 500 PSI testing centers nationwide is quick and simple.

  1. Find a PSI testing center location by clicking here, type in your zip code, distance, and then click “Locate a Test Center”.
  2. Select NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association), then choose Group Exercise Instructor Certification, Personal Trainer Certification, or Wellness Coach Certification and click “Submit.”
  3. Choose the local PSI testing center you want to use call NETA at 1–800–237–6242 or register below.

Once you’ve registered for the test, NETA will upload your approval within 24 hours. You will have one year from the date you registered to take your exam. NETA will send out a confirmation letter to you via US Mail and you must bring this letter with you to the testing center. This confirmation letter includes PSI’s phone number (1-800-947-4228) so you can call them to schedule the time and location of your exam.

Your exam results will be provided to you on site and NETA will mail certifications directly to you. (Personal Trainers must mail, fax, or email a copy of their current Adult CPR/AED to NETA prior to issue of certification. Group Exercise must mail, fax, or email a copy of their current Adult CPR. Wellness Coaches must mail, fax or email documentation (e.g., copy of NCCA–accredited health/fitness certification, health/fitness degree, or other allied health credentials) to NETA prior to issue of certification).

Click on the links below to Register:

Group Exercise Instructor Certification Test: $239

Personal Trainer Certification Test: $349

Wellness Coach Certification Test: $329

Note: Continuing education credits (CECs) are not granted for Test Only options. CECs are only awarded for attendance at live certification review workshops.