“Amazing Class! I have been a trainer for 15+ years and learned so much”
—Personal Training with Jon Staton

“Trainer was very energetic and knowledgeable!! Great workout too!”
—Tread-N Shred with Stephanie

“Class was a blast! I thought 8 hrs would be long! It went sooo FAST! LOVED IT!”
—Barre Connect with Angie

“Jen is “awesome.” She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful one of the very best training instructors I ever had. “Excellent” Thank you. I truly learned a lot.”
—Yoga Foundations with Jennifer

“Cathy is an excellent teacher! I learned so much and am feeling ready to teach my own class in this format!”
—Hiit with Yoga with Cathy

“Mike displayed a broad knowledge of not only exercise, but also health/nutrition as it applies to these medical populations. Great job!”
—Physical Activity for Special Medical Conditions with Michael

“Libby was wonderful. Very easy to understand, I learned so much from her. She is articulate, organized, easy to follow, makes you feel very much at ease. Very good presenter. Thank you”
—Personal Trainer with Libby

“This was an excellent session, very informative, and the PowerPoint presentation and graphics were outstanding”
—Post Rehab Considerations with Michael

“Riley did a great job getting the material across while keeping it interesting. I loved his personal experience stories”
—Personal Training with Riley

“Presenter was very thorough and made the curriculum easy to understand and retain”
—Yoga Specialty Certification with AmberLynn

“Best workshop of the weekend Angie was educational, warm, and welcoming”
—Restorative Yoga with Angie

“By far the best CEC class I have ever taken. Great knowledge, energy, immediately useable stuff”
—Hiit & Tabata with Samantha

“Great class, lots of new ideas!”
—Re-Boot Camp with Tina

“Truly excellent teacher. Knowledgable, learned many new things I will apply.”
—Behavior, Motivation, and Goals Training with Jon

“FUN! I really enjoyed it! Tina was great and funny.”
—101 Ways to Bootcamp with Tina

“If Deanna can get me to relax then enough said! I feel amazing! Thank you!”
—Introduction to Meditation with Deanna

“All of the information was extremely helpful and is very useful.”
—Injury Management with Jon

“Angie provided great energy while teaching. She has a wonderful ability to get in tune with her participants and adapt to learning.”
—Sculpt Yoga with Angie

“I enjoyed the class and was happy with the experience of the trainer.”
—Health and Fitness Assessments with Michael

“Lots of great cues, class tips, awesome knowledge/studies and enjoyed her personal experiences in her yoga journey”
—Yoga Foundations with Deanna

“Location – good reputation – ease.”
—Pilates with Deanna

“They always offer a great variety. Thank you! Keep up the awesome trainers.”
—Intro to Meditation with Deanna

“Lots of good info, love the networking ops.”
—Kettlebell II with Angie

“You make it easy to get this done while maintaining a quality program.”
—Group Strength II with Laurie

“Great information, Cathy has lots of good positive energy and knowledge. Easy to connect with.”
—Senior Fitness Specialty with Cathy

“I like the variety of classes/workshops offered.”
—Tai Chi with Deanna

“Very enjoyable and informative training. Sheila was very knowledgeable and delivered her knowledge with a grand sense of humor !!”
—Senior Power with Sheila

“4 years ago our YMCA began hosting a NETA Fit Fest event at our facility and it has become the highlight of our year for every year since. In one weekend we are able to educate our staff in a wide variety of venues including personal training and group exercise certifications, specialty certifications and oh-so many amazing workshops. Our staff always look forward to learning new and innovative ideas and they are so excited to share their knowledge with our members, everybody wins. Hosting a training weekend with NETA has really taken our caliber of instructors and trainers to the next level. We are all inspired to new heights and highly anticipate next year’s event when NETA will again bring their tornado of activity, fitness and fun to our facility.”
—Kristina Schultz, Fitness Coordinator at Appleton YMCA